Nova Scotia Works helps both job seekers and employers navigate the wide variety of training options available. Depending upon your personal circumstances, various opportunities exist, including both government funded and self-funded options. Some of the support provided by Nova Scotia Works is detailed below; contact us directly to review your options and get started: 


Job Seekers 

  • Upgrade your Skills 
  • Identify skills gaps
  • Register for upcoming workshops and training in your community 

Return to School 

  • Review schooling options for high school, post-secondary, and short-term courses

Change Careers 

  • Discuss current circumstances and options for a new career path 
  • Review schooling options for high school and post-secondary 

Become “Work Ready” 

  • Identify skills and training needed for employment 
  • Participate in various workshops to become more employable 
  • Develop strategies to make finding and keeping employment easier 

Funding Support

  • Funding is available at times, based upon your personal circumstances. We will review your options with you, and submit applications for funding on your behalf. You may qualify for: 
    • Tuition Support (full or partial) 
    • Assistance with some living expenses while taking part in training 
    • Assistance for work-related equipment, assessment tools, counselling tools, accommodations for persons with disabilities, etc.
    • Wage subsidy for employers to help secure employment once your training is complete.


  • There are several government-funded options available at times for training your workforce. This includes customized training, participation in a pre-set course, and the development of customized curriculum to help with recruitment. Contact us to get started and review your options.