Coordinator Model

Southwest Employment Services will manage and market the Federal Opportunities Fund program under the Community Coordinator model. The Community Coordinator model is a delivery option that allows Service Canada to provide funds to Southwest Employment Services in order to deliver program intervention for persons with disabilities in Yarmouth County, Shelburne County, Kings County, Annapolis County, and the Municipality of Clare. Southwest Employment Services has developed funding guidelines that run parallel with those of Service Canada and Employment NS.

Southwest Employment Services will continue to have control over the delivery of interventions for its clients. Southwest Employment Services has better access to clients and established community networks, often putting it in a better position to serve persons with disabilities. All Board Members and employees will have the appropriate skill levels and/or be willing to train to attain those levels.

Programs to be delivered by SES:

  • EI Eligible: Encourages employers to hire eligible clients they might not otherwise have for employment
  • EI Eligible: Assists eligible clients who need to upgrade their skills
  • Opportunities Fund: Assists persons who self-identify with a disability prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment or self-employment using the methods list above.