Sabrina Falls
Information & Resource Specialist


Information & Resource Specialist, Sabrina Falls has been with Southwest Employment Services for over 15 years. Sabrina greets all clients as they enter the centre and puts everyone at ease. As an Information & Resource Specialist, Sabrina helps job seekers gain employment by assisting them with their resume, cover letter and job search. She can also complete the registration process for job seekers during their initial visit, gathering background, employment and educational history.

Born and raised in Yarmouth County, Sabrina has a diploma from Nova Scotia Community College. She graduated with honours from the Business Administration program. Throughout her career in employment services, Sabrina has also participated in various workshops and seminars related to issues on employability and the workforce. Prior to joining Southwest Employment Services, Sabrina worked for 7 years at the Toronto Dominion Bank as a customer service representative.

Sabrina enjoys greeting all clients as they arrive at the centre, and helping people with their job search. She enjoys her role at Southwest Employment Services, and being part of a team committed to helping people with their careers.