Gerald Locke - Director

Jerry has been a member of the SES Board since June 2021.

Jerry wrapped up a long, successful career in community development with the Town of Shelburne in 2015. He served as the Director of Parks and Recreation for 33 years and was the Manager of Community and Economic Development/Development Officer for 5 years following that. Jerry has always had a passion for working with people - to help them accomplish their goals and see their plans through to completion for the improvement of the community. As Director of Parks and Recreation providing support to community groups, events and individuals was a hallmark of his work. This community-based approach continued in his economic development years, focusing on team focused, cooperative work for projects and partnerships.

Following his municipal government career, Jerry has been a substitute teacher and he dabbles in the occasional handyman project for a few individuals and businesses. Jerry and his wife have three daughters. His interests are fishing, gardening, kayaking, tinkering, repurposing and projects that will challenge and peak his imagination and creativity. He looks forward to his tenure on the Board and its support of staff.