Todd Doucette
Job Developer

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Todd Doucette works as a Job Developer helping individuals find meaningful employment, evaluate career options and provide options for individuals seeking employment opportunities.

Todd is a NSCC graduate in Human Services/Residential and vocational support and brings much experience in the field of mental health and disability support having worked for more than 10 years in residential care, small options homes and at NSCC as an Employment Specialist with the Achieve program. This experience includes working with and supporting individuals with disabilities, at-risk youth and adults requiring transitional support into work life and the community. In these roles Todd has been responsible for facilitating workshops on employability skills training, career explorations, workplace expectations, developing resume and cover letters to name a few. Todd has worked closely with individuals and employers helping create positive work experience and a strong employment background to allow individuals to gain independence, self-awareness and confidence.

Todd strongly believes in an inclusive world that works off the strengths of all people and looks forward to continuing to assist all people in seeking various opportunities and employment.