Melissa Whitman, CCDP
Case Manager

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Melissa Whitman has been working in Employment Services for over twelve years. She works to ensure jobseekers have accurate information, access to services, and transition support as they attempt to move from unemployment and underemployment to full capacity paid employment.

Before joining the organization Melissa obtained a Bachelor of Science and Engineering Certificate from Mount Allison University. Having worked in a variety of fields, in a number of locations in Nova Scotia, Melissa is well aware of the difficulties people face in transition and is very happy to support jobseekers in finding work that fits their individual talents and circumstances, and in adapting to a new labour market after moving.

Melissa has attended many professional development opportunities in order to serve her community to the best of her ability. She was among the first Career Practitioners to acquire certification through the Nova Scotia Career Development Association. Having acquired certification in 2015, Melissa remains determined to expand her skills and continue to improve on her understanding of employability issues. This allows her to provide the best possible service she can while in the employ of Southwest Employment Services.

Melissa believes the most rewarding part of her work is seeing a client move from a position where they feel powerless and without options, to a position where they have a clear understanding of their options and feel empowered to direct their lives and provide for their own needs.